June 16- Feastday of Mother Prioress and Sister subprioress

Our Mother and Sister subrprioress happen to have the same patron Saint, St Lutgardis, a Flemish mystic, so we celebrate their name-feastday together every year on June 16. This year our presentation was a combination of relgious and children's songs, which we interpretated with actions.

Group singing of a Marian hymne with Sr Luisa playing the guitar.

Sr. Marie Paul Therese played in the organ: " Be Gentle"

Sr. Marie Elisabeth played with her flute the music: " Play Before the Lord"

A duet-flute: "Sanctissima"

Sr. Carmela singing Maria Trapp's "Do-re-mi" with her banjitaar.

Sr. Luisa playing an instrumental music with the cithaar.

And this was after our nursery rhymes' presentation. Unfortunately, nobody has taken picture of the actual presentation because we were all participants. So we just posed after the number to give you an idea how we were dressed. We sang and interpreted songs; which we learned in our cathecism classes in the elementary years such; "Who made all the trees that grow...", "Anchona chicken", "Twinkle, twinkle little stars", "Ten Little Indians", "I am but a small voice" and finally "It is a small world after all."

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