Harvest time in our little vineyard

Sr. Carmela tasting the grapes if they are sweet

Sr. Socoro and Sr. Elizabeth showing you the grapes
protected with nets againts the migrating birds,
although they still managed to get their share.

For the first time we have finally succeeded to harvest some grapes from our little vineyard, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Sr. Aloysia with the help of the novitiate and Sr. Socoro during the pruning and thinning stages. From the three vines ( 2 violets and 1 green) we were able to serve the community four times and those were more than enough for us. Thank you Lord for the harvest of grapes, which reminds us of our relationship with you. "I am the Vine and you are the branches... Apart from me you can bear no fruits..."

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The harvested grapes ready for serving

Feast of St. Therese in the Novitiate

The two novices; Sr. Marie Elizabeth and Sr. Marie Paul Therese

The Sisters holding their chosen symbols

The novitiate prepared a paraliturgy and invited the community on September 30, the eve of St. Therese's feast, and her death anniversary. We started with a prayer led by our Mother and a song in her honor with guitar.

Some symbols used by Little Therese in her writings were mounted on card boards and placed on the altar near her statue. After reading an excerpt from her writings and an article about her death, each sister chose for herself a symbol which spoke to her heart and explained why. Two or three symbols were chosen twice. Each Sister's interpretation of the symbol gave us a little glimpse into her interior and was very enriching to our journeying together.

After the sharing, we received a prayer leaflet with Therese's medal. At the back was written qoutations from our holy Sister in relation to those symbols we have chosen. That was a wonderful evening in preparation for her feast!