Funeral of Sr "Mieke" Maria of the Sacred Heart

The funeral of our Sr. "Mieke" Maria will take place tomorrow, 16 October, at 10:30 AM in the Troostbasilica. It will be presided by our Carmelite confessor, Rev. Fr. Paul De Bois, with concelebrating priests. She will be buried in the cemetery in Vilvoorde.

This evening we had a Prayer Vigil at the old Sisters" Choir in the basilica. There were around 15 faithful who joined us, including our own parish priest, Rev. Fr. Geert Aelbrecht, another priest fromHasselt and a couple of friends from Leopoldsburg.

The passing away of our dear Sr Mieke didnt prevent us from celebrating joyfully the Solemnity of our holy Mother, St .Teresa, for we truly believe  in our hearts that she is now enjoying eternal bliss in heaven, with all the angels and Saints, marvelling at the grandeur of God!

 "Let nothing disturb you, nothing frightens you, all things are passing, God never changes. Patience attains all things. Who has God wants nothing. God alone suffices!" our holy Mother said.

A blessed feast of our holy Mother, St Teresa, our valiant foundress and mother!