Visit to the cemetery and the kapelke

In the cemetery (first photo) ; At the kapelke (second photo)

On the Sunday before All Saints' and All Souls' Day, our new Sisters, Sr. Maria Socoro and the novices, accompanied by their Mistress, Sr. Maria Luisa, visited the resting place of our deceased Sisters, the last of whom was, Sr. "Oma" Teresia. She had been praying for them and looking forward to their arrival. She went home to God in January while the postulants arrived in February. She frequently asked what took it so long for their visa to be approved. And know what? They were finally approved on the day that our Oma entered heaven. They really have reasons to bring her flowers in the cmetery and whisper to her prayers of gratitude and more graces for their perseverance in Belgium.

Along the way, they stopped at the "kapelke", a small chapel-remnant of our original monastery outside the city of Vilvoorde. The community of Carmelites lived there from 1469 to 1578 until they transferred to the present site, where we are now. People still come and light candles in that small chapel, where there is still a venerated image of Our Blessed Mother.

It was a day for them to relish and remember. They were so awed by the nature's autumn beauty and came home bubbling with joy and deep gratitude to have been given that rare opportunity. Thanks to our good friend and benefactor, Miriam, who gave them the ride. She visited also the remains of her husband, who passed away just very recently, after completing a great work for the conservation of our Arts Heritage. May God rest his soul and those of our loved ones.

A blessed and happy All Saints' and All Souls' Day to all! Rest assured that we pray for all your departed family and loved ones.

Inside the kapelke

Full view of the kapelke