Saint Nicholas and Black Peter

Saint Nicholas and his assistant black Peter came a day earlier than his feast on December 6.

Piet told us to go to another place in procession.

So all went eagerly and cheerfully in obedience.

Sr. Paul Therese played with the flute a hymn to St Nicholas so that he will come.

And indeed, the Saint appeared!

and gave each sister some words of advise and encourgament.

And of course, the much-awaited gifts!
Our eldest sister, Sr. Augustina received a teddy bear!

Sr. Lutgart, our liturgist, received clear books for her music pieces.

After each one received her gift, a souvenir pose with the Saint before he proceded to his next itinerary. Black Peter took this photo so he is nowhere to be seen.

Winter 2010

On the first week of December we had our first snow this winter. It is still the second winter for our 3 new Filipina sisters, so we went out again to our garden so that they can really feel, play and enjoy the snow!

Hurrah! Thank you, Lord for the snow!

As if we have a very big forest no?

Under the weeping willow

Oei, oie, oei, what are they going to do with the ladder?

So,now you know, someone wanted to climb the Magnolia tree.

How do you like this one? And my! Look at Sr. Paul Therese's very big pair of boots!

Here is also another one, Sr. Elizabeth, posing with Jesus on the Cross
but not resembling Mary Magdalen because she is smiling and not crying

Thanks to our very patient and eager photographer, Sr. Aloysia!