Laetare Sunday

Hey, where are you going?

Although officially Spring begins only on March 21, yet visible signs of it are already emerging in the garden. And because today, Laetare Sunday, the weather is quite ideal for strolling, our novices and Sr. Socoro went out to the garden, this time without thick jackets and socks. In the early mornings and late evenings though the wind is still very cold though and temperature very low.

Here are some photos of their adventure and take a look of our monastery garden after that long and heavy winter. They obviously had fun and could call it a real Laetary Sunday!

Oh, there they are taking a stroll in the garden

And here is still another one, excited for her first spring in Belgium

Sr. Marie Paul Therese checking if there is still food for the migrating birds

What a pose!

At the left hand corner hangs the magnolia tree,
which is quite late to bloom this year due to the long winter

One of their favorite spots where to take photo
because part of our big monastery stands at the background