Resurrected blog

Please, our apologies for the big gap between the last post and this one. For some reasons, the sister-in-charge was not able to update our blog for the last couple of months. We hope this time it is going to be better.

Here, you can see the latest group who visited our monastery, 14 candidates for Confirmation from Melsbroek, a neighboring town. They came with their 3 catechists in the afternoon of June 23. We showed them a documentary DVD about our Carmel after invoking singing a hymn invoking the Holy Spirit. The candidates posed many questions to the Sister. Their visit ended with the singing of a Marian hymn before the image of Our Lady of Consolation in our temporary chapel.

Invoking the Holy Spirit

Singing before the image of Our Lady of Consolation
in the temporay chapel

A souvenir group photo with Our Blessed Mother