Our new Sisters from the Carmel of St. Niklaas

 Sr. Marie Vianney (L) and Sr. Godewende (R)
 Singing together the Salve Regina before the image of Our Lady of Consolarion upon their arrival.

On 3 April 2014, we welcomed with joy to our community Sr. Marie Vianney and Sr; Godewende from the Carmel of St. Niklaas, which was officially closed on 27 March 2014. Another sister from the same Carmel, Sr. Marie Joséé, who opted to stay  in WZC Coleta, a home for the Elderly in Ghent, asked conventuality in the Carmel of Vilvoorde. So, officially we are 12 Sisters in the community as of  April 2014. May God and Mother Mary grant them a smooth integration into their new community. Our warmest welcome, dear Sisters!