Solemnity of our holy Mother St. Teresa

Santa Teresa de Jesus wine met our eyes
on the table during the apperitief just before lunch

The surpise first recipe; buttered snails with garlic

The 3 "servidoras" who really did their best to speak in Spanish

On the Feast of our La Madre Fundadora last October 15, we thought of making her spirit of "Alegria" alive in our midst. During the Mass, we sang a very lively Gloria in Tagalog to the accompaniment of guitar and mandolin. As recessional we sang another Filipino composition entitled "Teresa" by Mother Madeleine of Cagayan Carmel.

Right after the Mass, the 3 youngest Sisters went our ahead to dress up in Spanish attire to greet the community with "Feliz Fiesta!" We then went in procession to the refectory singing "Alegria" (with adapted lyrics) with castanets, tamborine
and guitar. The 3 "servidoras" tried their very best to speak in Spanish, the meaning of which only they know. But really we reserched some words, thanks to the help of Fr. Rafael Mendoza, our Procurator General, who supplied us with the translations. As we entered the refectory, we saw on the table a bottle of wine with label, "Santa Teresa de Jesus", which was said to really come from Spain and was given by the Goyvaerts' family. After the "apperitief" we partook of a special meal, the first recipe of which was baked snails with butter and garlic, served on a small silver plate with matching tong and a small fork! Thanks to the expertise of Sr. Aloysia! It was our first time to eat this recipe and in that way!

At coffee time in the afternoon, we surprised again the community with our own version of the "Torero" with Sr. Socoro as the "matador", the 2 novices as the "toro" (bull) and Sr. Carmela as the Flamenco dancer, who danced with the matador after the bull fight as a victory celebration. This was much to the enjoyment of our Belgian Sisters!

There were bit serious parts too. Sr. Socoro sang "Nada de Turbe" in our dialect, Sr. Paul Therese played the flute accompanied by Sr. Luisa's guitar. Then, in the evening, we drew the testaments of our holy Mother, St. Teresa. On the eve, we also read in the choir after Matins, the account of her death and listened to her last words to us her daughters.

We felt that La Madre smiled at us and gave us her blessings as we brought joy to our fellow Sisters for it was often been said by our older Sisters that "when we can make others laugh we have the blessings of our holy Mother".

The Matador and the defeated toro

The Matador with the Flamenco dancer

Sr. Paul Therese played the piece, "Teresa" accompanied by Sr. Maria Luisa