Christmas surprise

Last evening we surprised our Belgian Sisters with our live crib. During recreation Sr. Maria Luisa invited them to come to the Novitiate. Sr. Socoro and Sr Carmela knew ahead the plan because they had assigned parts as shepherds. It was easier for the two to put on a cloth over their head but the novitiate group had to put on customes ahead as they were Joseph and Mary, and a shepherd too. When we entered the novitiate oratory, which was lighted only by the series at the crib, the introduction to the Silent Night was hummed, then the lyrics were sung in 3 voices with guitar. After the first song, the main light was on and then a medley of Filipino Christmas carols followed, this time with several instruments. Oh, what a pleasant surprise to our Sisters.



After going around the house visiting and caroling to the Holy Family we paused for some souvenir photos...


Sr Aloysia, one of our Belgian Sisters, enjoying the decoration of the novices. Our Belgian Sisters had much fun looking at our decorations, which are something new to them. Well, I mean we have another way of doing it, with a lot of colors. They are more symbolic and more of the meaning than the attractiveness of the crib. They were even surprised to learn that we have such decors at the monastery because people just gave them and we kept them well.

The snow grew thicker

God is so good! He saw the desire and joy of our new Sisters and thus let more snow fell down on the next two days. So for 3 successive days they went out to the garden to play and relish their new experience as you can see in the newly added photos.

outside the hermitage

contemplating nature's winter beauty

oh my God, what are they doing?


First Winter in Belgium

As we sang our first O Antiphon, "O Wisdom..." God fulfilled also the desire of our new Sisters for snow. He let abundant snow fell down from heaven, much to their enjoyment and amazement. When Sr. Marie Paul Therese rang the novitiate bell for the Office, she covered her nose thinking that those were dust falling. While at Midday prayer, because she and Sr. Socoro were facing the window, both mouth gaped when more and more snow fell down. Not yet contented with what she saw, the latter when we reached the refectory stood on the bench to have a good look on what happened to the snow as they fell on the ground. As expected, after the dishwashing, instead of taking a short nap, they all went out to the garden to have souvenir shots by Sr. Ma. Luisa. Sr. Carmela and Sr. Marie Elizabeth joined them after feeding our dear Sr. Augustina. So the band of "Pinay" Sisters was complete to enjoy the memorable day of the first winter of our three new Sisters in Belgium. Needless to say, they were so happy and contented, although at evening recreation two began sneezing... Be careful, Sisters, many get colds and cough during this season!

St. Nicholas and black Peter visited the community

On December 6, when the community arrived at the recreation room there was a notice from St. Nicholas that he was coming and that he and black Peter or Piet, his faithful assistant, were to be found at the end of the "Heaven's road". So, we went there eagerly. Lo and behold! He was already there waiting for us, seated on a Bishop's chair with Piet on his left side. And of course, on one side of the room were the gifts for each sister, which Piet distributed after the Saint read his message for each one. Then, we treated them both to a cup of coffee and tart before they proceded on their journey to make other hearts happy this season.