Belated Three Kings celebration

The three Kings of the year 2011: Melchor (Sr. Aloysia), Gaspar (Sr. Carmela) & Balthazar (Sr. Maria Luisa)

With the community, after receiving their gifts.

Because there was a Filipino Mass on the Epiphany Sunday, we decided to postpone our celebration inside on the following Sunday, the Baptism of Our Lord, a fitting culmination of the Christmas season.

The three kings left a letter to the community asking them to search for them in the neighborhood as they lost their way to the crib due to the several misleading stars along the way. They left their traces on the stars, hoping that those will lead the Sisters to find them.

Our Mother found them by chance because when she had to answer the telephone via her mobile phone, she went inside the nearest room from where she was searching. And it happened to be where the 3 kings were! She then called the other Sisters, then we all went together to the crib singing, "We three kings from orient are bearing gifts, we traverse afar..."

Each sister had to guess the missing word in the message pasted on the star she found. The answer corresponded to the gift that she received. We then sang a hymn to the Child Jesus before we finally went to the recreation room for coffee and to marvel at our gifts.

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