Our new friend, Lieze

Lieze with our two novices in the parlor before she left

Introducing to you our new fine young Belgian friend, Lieze, 19 years old, from Keselo, a student at the Sacred Heart Institute in Heveerle. She is preparing herself to become a nursery school teacher. We came to know her the first time when she came to interview one of our sisters about of life in February this year. Later, during the summer and autumn vacations, she asked to spend a day of recollection in the monastery. She said that she relished the silence, her spiritual reading, and praying the Divine Office with the Sisters and the Holy Mass, everything helped her to be herself again. Lieze left us a thank you note with her beautiful drawings based on what she has read during the day. She looks forward to her next recollection day, perhaps during the Christmas break. You are always welcome, Lieze!

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